Words from the WKF President …

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WKF 2024big Chance for new partners



Dear WKF family,

we hope you, your family and friends are doing well.

WKF start in the background Worldwide to schedule great events in 2024.

More than 140 member countries on 6 continents are busy for the next season.

Spain is our host for the upcoming WKF World Championships 2024 in all disciplines.

Mr. Juan PINILLA is the head of the organizing team in November 2024.

And “We don’t care about a poor, lost and helpless braggart and liar somewhere in the Australian bush” 😀 


After our last World Championships in Cairo 2021 the whole world will meet again in Spain and many strong teams from EuropeLatin America, North America, Australia, Asia and Africa will challenge our best Champions.

All our Worldwide WKF MEMBER countries are most welcome.

More than 1.900 (!) posters of WKF events since 1965 are in our gallery.

WKF World president and CEO Fritz EXENBERGER


WKFWorld Kickboxing Federation as first real Global player and sanctioning body has organized first time ever real full amateur  World Championships on the African continent October 18th to 24th, 2021

Our next World Championships 2024 are planned in Spain!

There we celebrate an anniversary 

1964 to 202460 years of WKF

Cartagena in Latin America  or Chengdu in China – both have applied for the World Championships 2026 after next!

Here’s to another globally successful year 2024 !


WKF World president / CEO