WKF Pro Point Fighting belt


visit here our head office for  PPF – PRO POINT FIGHTING.


The idea behind is to upgrade our thousands of semi contact – or point fighting – fighters World wide.

Many tournaments on all continents has many competitors and now World Kickboxing Federation offers the Chance to fight for a real pro title with a great value and Champion belt, sanctioned by our World wide federation.

Posted in the weekly updated World ranking and with high value.

Valid with same PPF rules everywhere, same requirements like in professional Ring sport. Professional weigh-in a day before, 3 international judges, WKF supervisor, flags and anthem and the amazing belt below.

Send your best point fighters, male and female for the World raking, to get a chance to fight! Just fill in the PPF Fighter profile and send with JPG photo back to our WKF head office by mail.

If you are interested to promote a PPF – PRO POINT FIGHTING title visit our  PPF head office web site and send just a request to our office by mail.