Nov 13 2016

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1st – 6th Mai in Greece


Jan 23 2017

WTKA and WKF – Cristiano RADICCHI new WKF General manager

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Mr. Cristiano RADICCHI, new WKF General Manager

WKF head office confirm now the rumour of the last weeks!

On Saturday, January 21st was a historical meeting in Vienna.

WTKA General secretary Mr. Cristiano RADICCHI visited our head office and after a very nice and important meeting, all details was clear and the contract was signed up from both parties.

With immediate effect Mr. Radicchi is our new WKF General manager and: WKF sanction the biggest amateur tournament in the World official as WORLD CUP !

Statement of Mr. Radicchi:

“It is with big gratitude and honour that I accept the position of WKF General Manager in the name of the values of Kickboxing and its development in the world under the flag of WKF. I will do my best in this direction.”

The agreement with his former senior partner is over, now our WKF will support 100% this huge event. Last Year 28 (!) World federations support as junior partners this event.

The date of the World Cup in Marina di Cararra close to famous City of Pisa, is from 25th to 29th October 2017, full information and poster is coming soon, stay tuned.

WKF World Cup and Unified World Championships 2017  promoter WTKA/Cristiano RADICCHI and WKF head office

Jan 22 2017

Big event in Vienna Night of Glory on March 25th

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WKF PRO-AM European Champion Jan TRDLIA

Ali NOORI, Octagon pro Gym in Vienna

Next international NOG 13th is on March 25th and so many international fights are in negotiations for the fight card.

Main fight is for the WKF PRO-AM K-1 European title, 5 rounds 2 minutes in Lightheavyweight -81,4 Kg / 178 lbs.

This is second battle and re-match for the title belt, first fight last October ends by DOD (doctor decision) in second round and Czech Jan TRDLIA won the title.

Austrian Ali NOORI was of course disappointed about this result and now he want to make it clear, who is the real Champion.



Deshire KURTAJ, Vienna, Austria


Second main fight is for the  GBF (Global Boxing Federation) female K-1 World title – 54 Kg / 119 lbs, Austrian World Champion and current Nr. 1 in the GBF World ranking Deshire KURTAJ from famous Octagon pro Gym in Vienna vs. Colombian Champion Khaterine JAIR QUINTANA .

Venue 1150 Vienna, date March 25th, Promoter





Jan 22 2017

You want promote WKF titles or any other request ?

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Belt Girl 1WKF

World Kickboxing Federation


was 2016 the fastest growing World sanctioning body. Events for amateurs and pro on 6 continents in more than 130 countries shows about the serious activities of our promoter, manager and fighters.

Just in 24 month WKF has sanctioned more than 300 title fights World wide. From South Africa to Scandinavia, from USA to Russia. In Papua New Guinea and Australia, as well as 27 events just on the African continent. This confirm once again our slogan

 we are the real global player


For amateurs we offer our PRO AM title fights for low costs, for point fighters all over the World we offer PPF – PRO POINT FIGHTING – with international valid PPF ranking lists.

We have no fakes on our event schedule, our World ranking  in PRO-AM, pro ring sport and MMA is top, based on informations we get from our network.

WKF title fight minimum requirements are here, if you want to promote a real World title fight with great value, or for any other request, do not hesitate to contact us by mail.



Dez 31 2016

Two WKF South Pacific titles scheduled on April 29th in Sydney

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WKF AUSTRALIAN & OCEANIA amateur president Stephen SCIBERRAS announce next scheduled event in “Dee Why” in northern Sydney. Date is April 29th, two WKF South Pacific titles TBA/AUS vs. TBA/PNG are on the fight card, soon we get more details, stay tuned …


a British WKF promoter is preparing two WKF commonwealth titles in spring 2017 and he is looking for Australians as well. A female and a male title is on the fight card.

Wade and Steve SCIBERRAS, father and son

As a Martial Artist Steve has reached advanced instructor level in multiple disciplines and in his sports career he has won State and National Full Contact titles, State, Australian, South Pacific, Commonwealth and World Kickboxing Championships. Steve has also coached many successful Champions.

Dez 19 2016

2nd Egypt open in February in Cairo

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WKF MIDDLE EAST president Mr. Mohamed DESSOOUKI announce next event in Egypt.
“2nd International Egypt Championships”  in Thai Boxing, February 2nd to 5th.
For registration, airport transfer, Hotel booking and all further details contact Mr. Dessouki by mail.


على بركة الله نبتدأ بطولة مصر الدولية 2 للمواى تاى
يعلن المكتب التنفيذى بجمهورية مصر العربية عن بطولة مصر الدولية للمواى تاى التابعة للاتحاد العالمى WKF بحضور اكثر من دول عديدة افريقيا واسيوية واوروبية وذلك يوم 2و3 و4 فبراير 2017 وسيتم الاعلان عن الحجز والفنادق لجميع الدول المشاركة فى غضون 5 ايام ….ترقبوا مفاجئات سارة يقدمها المكتب الاعلامى لمشاركى البطولة
للحجز والاستعلام
البروفيسور عيسى ابراهيم
نائب رئيس الاتحاد العالمى بالمنطقة العربية والشرق الاوسط
دكتور احمد صيام
المنسق العام والمتحدث الرسمى والاعلامى للاتحاد العالمى للكيك بوكسينج WKF بالمنطقة العربية والشرق الاوسط

… see you again in February in Cairo …

Dez 13 2016

PAN-AM Championships in October in Uruguay

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invitation here / Invitación aquí


Dez 10 2016

Mediterranean championships of kick boxing in ring sport

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Mediterranean Championships in November 2017 in Marina D’or

WKF AMATEUR division World president Mr. Pascal DELFOSSE announce next international amateur event.

From 1st to 4th November 2017 in beautiful location of Marina D’or  WKF organize with WKF SPAIN president Juan PINILLA the „Mediterranean championships of kick boxing“

Fighters could compete in all ring sport disciplines like  full contact, Low kick, K-1, and Thai Boxing.

All Mediterranean countries are invited: Cyprus, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Syria, Lebanon and Malta, Monte Negro and Albania !

This competition could take place every other year, alternating with the Francophone championships in May for the following years.

For any request contact Mr. Delfosse by mail.


All WKF Mediterranean member ocuntries

Dez 07 2016

Next European Championships 2017 in Santorini Island, Greece

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we want YOU in Santorini



WKF GREECE All European countries are invited May 1st to 6th 2017 to beautiful Island Santorini.

WKF European Championships 2017









Dez 03 2016

World Championship results online !

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2016-11-07_wkf_wm_andria_nationen_ranking_top-ten2016-12-01_wkf_welt_top-tenAll results, country medal rankings and “Grand Total” medal ranking of all World Championships are HERE online, waiting for your down load.

Here are the WKF TOP TEN countries !!!

Nov 28 2016

Cesar MOREIRA new WKF EUROPE director

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wkf-europe-logoOn the last WKF World congress in Italy we had some changes in the board of directors.
New WKF amateur division World president is French Pascal DELFOSSE, new General secretary is WKF BRASIL president Hans ROMANOWSKI.
On request of many European country presidents we had an election for a new WKF EUROPEAN director.
With unanimous decision our members vote for Mr. Cesar MOREIRA from Portugal.
He is the right address for all your requests for the upcoming European Championships in Greece, May 2017.
If you want to contact him send him just a mail.
Here is his profile: 
Good morning for all WKF European president.
I´m Cesar MOREIRA from Portugal and like present me to all .
I´m a old promoter, coach too, who already work with all strongest federations but at full years i come to

2017-05-01-european-championships-greeceWKF world president by Mr Fritz Exenberger searching a different way, searching true opportunities and a

a fair federation for all, where it was possible to work well. I think I found what I was looking for and since
then I have been growing in my own country and in the world of WKF. 
After this years , working hard, in the last congress I as elected WKF European amateur director.
I am proud to accept this new challenge, with great expectations and willingness to work with all of you to try
improve even more the WKF world.
As I said at the congress, I am a man of work, ambitious and willing to grow our federation, our sport family.
That’s why I am counting on each one of you, together and with your experience, with your determination,
with your will to do more and better, I hope very soon to be the best and strongest federation.
For this I hope that each one of you is ambitious, that is determined to make grow in your country the WKF,
because this way I am sure that we are all in the right way.
I would like each president to present me a summary of what he expects of me as a collaborator for his country,
to present me a summary of how is WKF in his country,expectations for the future, who told me how I can help
to make more and better..
I would also like to know the expectations for next big WKF European challenge ( European championship) in Santorini, May 1st to 6th,  2017
I really hope this year will be the year of the great rise of wkf, with the championship taking place in a amazing 
country where everyone can enjoy sports and visit a magical place.
I need a really hard work by each one of you in this question…
All country  MUST be present in Santorini…
This is the must important WKF European event and we can do it without all country
European championship is with all country , not only with 10-15 !!!!
Please be fair with the work of your European partners , who working well, presenting fighters and then see some
country only interested in  international representations.
If is hard to you??? Yes, I believe it… But is hard for all !!!!
To finish I give you my personal phone, who is available for all who you need…
(Portuguese,Spanish and English language please)
Best regards
Cesar Moreira

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