Mr. Gerald DITTRICH – WKF World president for Forms

From the beginning WKF had always a very strong Form division. World president is Mr. Gerald DITTRICH , responsible for development, referee training and Supervisor for many European and World Championships.

These are the official categories for WKF Forms:

Traditional – no Music

1 FHS – Forms Hard Style Japanese

2 FKO – Forms Korean

3 FVT – Forms Veterans traditional

4 FVW – Forms Veterans traditional weapon

5 FSS – Forms Soft Style traditional

6 FWT – Forms Weapons traditional

Creative – with Music

7 FFS – Forms Freestyle

8 FFW – Forms Freestyle Weapons


Creative – no Music

9 CRE – Forms creative

10 CRW – Forms creative Weapons

Teamsno Music

11 TEE – forms traditional or creative

12 TEW – forms traditional or creative Weapons

Teams – with Music

13 TME – forms traditional or creative

14 TMW – forms traditional or creative Weapons

The scoring system is fair and very simple. Five judges score and the highest and the lowest are canceled.

WKF rules for Forms in various languages are waiting for your download here !

For any further request in Forms contact Mr. Dittrich directly by mail.


Int. Referee from Italy, China, Austria, Germany and Spain