Nov 15 2015

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2016.11.07  World Championships2017-05-01-euro-santorini-greece_rotWKF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016


7th  – 12th November in Italy



Okt 21 2016

This is our WKF FRANCOPHONIE Champion belt

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WKF Francophonie Belt

WKF head office present our new heavy FRANCOPHONE Champion belt. This is the new professional title for the Francophone member countries. Perfect for a pro title fight between Champions with French language history countries.


Pascal DELFOSSE, WKF director Frankophone
2016 Francophone Logo

notre WKF Frankophone logo

Je me présente, je suis Pascal DELFOSSE, Président de la FKBDA (Fédération de kickboxing en France), membre de la WKF, et je viens d’être nommé directeur de la Francophonie au sein de la WKF.

La Francophonie dans le monde via O.I.F. (Organisation internationale de la Francophonie) c’est 53 pays membres + 3 pays membres associés et 23 observateurs (l’équivalent du Commenwealth pour les pays Anglo-saxon).

Cette organisation est membre de l’ONU et du CIO, il existe d’ailleurs les jeux de la Francophonie (que j’espère intégré pour le kick boxing), et en France nous avons un Ministère de la Francophonie qui aide à l’organisation de rencontre entre pays membres

Many fighters, managers and promoters like our new belt, for more information about this International title contact:

Directeur de la Francophonie WKF
FB: Francophonie WKF

Okt 20 2016

US Girl fight in Europe for PRO-AM World title

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Colby FLETCHER, Thunder Boxing Gym

Deshire KURTAJ, Octagon pro Gym

WKF EUROPE and WKF USA head office confirm the date November 26th in Austria.

This is for the WKF PRO-AM World title with US Girl Colby FLETCHER representing famous  “Thunder Boxing Gym”  in Muskogee in Oklahoma.

Promoter is already in negotiations with her manager Ty PILGRIM. He is running the Gym and head coach as well as manager of many Champions.

Austrian Deshire KURTAJ from Octagon pro Gym in Vienna is current Intercontinental Champion and one of best female Champions in Europe. The title fight is scheduled in Lightweight – 125 lbs / – 57 Kg.


Soon we get more details, stay tuned …

Okt 19 2016

Three WKF PRO-AM titles in Vienna, Austria

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Florian BARTL, Octagon pro Gym Vienna


Deshire KURTAJ, Octagon pro Gym Vienna

WKF AUSTRIA president Mr. Gerald DITTRICH report about last great event in Vienna, Austria.

Two new PRO-AM Intercontinental Champions made a great performance.

Austrian Florian BARTL defend his title vs. WKF European Champion Roland HUDAK by KO in second round.

Deshire KURTAJ beat hungarian Champion Nikoletta HORVATH by surrender in second round as well.

Czech fighter Jan TRLIDA fought for the PRO-AM European title. He beat Austrian Ali NOORI by DOD (doctor decision) because of a bad cut on the head in second round.

Okt 19 2016

Welcome in our WKF SANDA-WUSHU division !

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Following our many members from all over the World, WKF head office has  new SANDA & WUSHU division.
This includes all Sanda male/female fighters, fill in the online profile, add a jpg photo to be listed in the SANDA World ranking. For professionals we offer same SANDA title belts like in ring sport or MMA.
For Wushu we have our WKF Wushu forms and many more !

WKF CHINA LogoThe World Kickboxing Federation is one of the leading organisations World Wide in the promotion of amateur and professional kickboxing in all styles, Muay Thai and MMA -mixed martial arts hosting professional fighting events.

Our modern and interactive approach to this sport highlights our commitment to keeping you updated with the latest events taking place worldwide.

The WKF SANDA & WUSHU DIVISION was formed in February 2015, the WKF stresses its strong belief in offering equal opportunities to sufficiently skilled athletes who have practised  Kickboxing, enabling them to display their talents in the National and International Amateur and Professional arenas.

Also to ensure the credibility of their “world championship” titles and gives these world class athletes an international platform on which to perform.

Read more here

Okt 18 2016

Next European Championships 2017 in Santorini Island, Greece

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we want YOU in Santorini



WKF GREECE: All European countries are invited in May 2017 to beautiful Island Santorini.

WKF European Championships 2017


Trailer is here !!!





Okt 10 2016

WKF fighters license for continental Championships

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Okt 09 2016

Many new updates in our WKF PRO-AM World ranking

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Florian BARTL, PRO-AM Intercontinental Champion – 81 Kg / 178 lbs

exenberger-fritz-wkf-325x500So many new male and female fighter in our PRO-AM World ranking !

Just in the last two weeks more than 50 new fighters are listed in the WKF PRO-AM World ranking.

Everybody likes the idea to give the best amateur fighters a chance to fight for a real valuable title, and still to be amateur.

This is to avoid any miss match, just to have an opponent in same amateur level.

How to get listed ?

Very simple, just fill in the online fighter profile on right hand, add a jpg of your male / female fighter and send to our head office. Can´t be much easier !!!

If you want to book any PRO-AM title for your next event title just contact our head office by mail.


Okt 08 2016

45 countries are registered today for World Championships in Italy

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WKF ITALY2016.11.07 POSTER World Championships president Mr. Salvatore MATERA and local promoter Mr. Michele SANZIONE invite the World for the next WKF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016, November 7th -12th. Beautiful City of Andria in south Italy near Bari, located in Apulia province is the host City.

Until today we have 45 country registrations from all 6 continents. Many competitors in MMA and Semi contact, a huge WKF CHINA team for Sanda will attend too.

Muay Thai in Andria is in full Muay Thai rules and everybody enjoy this decission.
Sport has no racial, social or political barriers, which means that it is the perfect way for all men and women, boys and girls to achieve amazing results, regardless of race, creed or colour.

The opportunity to represent one’s country in the name of sport at an international level is probably one of the greatest achievements an individual can make. The pressure that the competitors have at this level is enormous, and goes far beyond normal physical endurance. To win, especially at such a high level, competitors will have to tap into inner resources that their years of training will have prepared them for.

Come to see charming City Andria, friendly people, culture, fair accommodation offers, excellent food, famous fish and wine culture, pastry and cakes and a real great World Championship in Italy.

This is was you get in Andria

Italy welcomes you

Okt 05 2016

Next great event in Vienna, Austria on October 15th

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Three title fights are on the fight card, Champions from 8 countries in the Ring, first time in Austria 2 Canadian Champions, promoter



Okt 01 2016

You want promote WKF titles or any other request ?

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Belt Girl 1WKF

World Kickboxing Federation


was 2015 the fastest growing World sanctioning body. Events for amateurs and pro on 6 continents in 126 countries shows about the serious activities of our promoter, manager and fighters.

Just in 24 month WKF has sanctioned more than 300 title fights World wide. From South Africa to Scandinavia, from USA to Russia. In Papua New Guinea and Australia, as well as 27 events just on the African continent. This confirm once again our slogan

 we are the real global player


For amateurs we offer our PRO AM title fights for low costs, for point fighters all over the World we offer PPF – PRO POINT FIGHTING – with international valid PPF ranking lists.

We have no fakes on our event schedule, our World ranking  in PRO-AM, pro ring sport and MMA is top, based on informations we get from our network.

WKF title fight minimum requirements are here, if you want to promote a real World title fight with great value, or for any other request, do not hesitate to contact us by mail.



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