bra 28.05.2017Sergipe Championship and selection for Brazilian Championship, Local; Aracajú-SE, promoter WKF BRASIL
cze 03.06.2017BUDWELT WORLD GRAND PRIX, International AAA event with fighters from 4 continents, 8 man tournament - 81,4Kg/179 lbs, plus 2 World titles, plus 2 PRO-AM European titles, in Karvina Nove Mesto, promoter Arkadius HULAK and WKF POLAND in cooperation with WKF CZECH REP.
ger 04.06.2017International TOP event, WKF World title in Thai Boxing KOSCIELNIAK Bartosz/GER vs. BANGKLA Pumphanmung/THA, plus 3 more PRO-AM title fights, promoter Energy Gym and WKF GERMANY
ger 04.06.2017WKF World title PRO-AM in LKT, Guido ROEDL/GER vs. Riyad AL RATIL/LIB in Leverkusen, promoter Energy Gym and WKF GERMANY
chn 10.06.20172017 WKF China Kung Fu Team VS World Kickboxing & MMA Team, Xining City Qinghai Province, promoter WKF CHINA
bra 13.06.2017National Referee Seminar – with national diretor Wesley de Paula, Local: Gurupi-TO, promoter WKF BRASIL
bra 15.06. - 16.06.2017Brazilian Championship and selection for Panamerican Championship. (with Olimpic System), Local: Gurupí-TO, promoter WKF BRASIL
por 16.06. - 18.06.2017Mediterranean tournument in Portugal, Sao Joao Da Madeira, with Morocco, Spain, France and Portugal, promoter WKF EUROPE director Cesar MOREIRA
ecu 17.06.2017Full contact Championships in Guayas, promoter Carlos Alberto Duran PAREDES, WKF ECUADOR
gre 18.06.2017International event in Andravida, Greece, promoter Dimitris Katsiaras and George Theodoropoulos, WKF GREECE
png 19.06. - 21.06.2017PNGKBF National Kickboxing Championships Amateur, Lae, Morobe Province, promoter PNGKBF Stanley NANDEX and WKF PNG
bra 28.06.2017Kickboxing and Muay Thai Graduation, Local; Belém-PA, promoter WKF BRASIL
bra 15.07.20172o National Challenge (Oriental Rules) Local: CT Team Fernandes - Goiânia, promoter WKF AUSTRIA
bra 15.07.2017Rio Grande do Sul Championship, Local: Alvorada-RS, promoter WKF BRASIL
rus 05.08.2017World title Full contact + 96,5 Kg /+ 212 lbs, Alexej SOLOVYOV/RUS vs. TBA/USA, Cheboksary, promoter Rishat SAYAPOV and WKF RUSSIA
bra 06.08.20172a Stage of Goiás State Championship, Local: Catalão-GO, promoter WKF BRASIL
png 18.08. - 20.08.2017WKF Oceania Kickboxing Championships Amateur, Port Moresby, promoter PNGKBF Stanley NANDEX and WKF PNG
america 01.09.2017WKF North American Open, Niagara falls, all disciplines, open for all countries, promoter WKF CANADA, Wolfgang BRUTTER
bra 02.09.2017Black Belt Graduation, Local: Goiânia-GO, promoter WKF BRASIL
chn 09.09.2017World class tournament in Hainan, international event with WKF MMA title fight, promoter WKF CHINA
aut 16.09.2017Night or Glory 14th, PPF European title + 91Kg Harald KRETSCHMER/AUT vs. Andre MERGENER/GER, plus two more title fights on the fight card, Vienna, promoter and WKF AUSTRIA
bra 24.09.2017Northeast Championship de Kickboxing, Aracajú-SE, promoter WKF BRASIL
ger 07.10.2017Spartan Fight Night, Internationale event, German title fight in K-1, prestige fight Tiziana OMO/GER vs. Deshire KURTAJ/AUT, promoter Spartan Team Weiden and WKF GERMANY
cmr 13.10. - 14.10.2017athletes training seminar and coaching staff, World title defense Jean Michel MBOCK – 78,10Kg/172 lbs, promoter ACAV BOXING CLUB and WKF CAMEROON
png 15.10.2017WKF World Title PRO Fight TBA, Port Moresby, promoter PNGKBF Stanley NANDEX and WKF PNG
ita 25.10. - 29.10.2017WKF World Cup and Unified World Championships 2017, Marina di Carrara, promoter WTKA/Cristiano RADICCHI and WKF head office
uru 28.10. - 29.10.2017Pan - American Championships 2017, Montevideo, all disciplines, promoter WKF URUGUAY Marcelo ESCOUTTO
esp 01.11. - 04.11.2017Mediteraneen championships of kick boxing, in Marina Dor in ring sport, promoter Mr. Pascal DELFOSSE and WKF AMATEUR office
bra 26.11.20171o Coliseu Fight de Kickboxing e MMA, Local: Aracajú-SE, promoter WKF BRASIL
bra 02.12. - 03.12.2017Internacional Championship Open (Amateur), Local: Goiânia-GO, promoter WKF BRASIL
africa 02.12.2017African Championships in South Africa, promoter Mrs. Jani HEBLER and WKF RSA
aut 07.04.2018WKF ÖSTM, Österreichische Staatsmeisterschaft in Graz, WKF LV. Steiermark, Präsident Gerhard ETTL
arg 02.11. - 04.11.2018WKF World referee seminar 2018, Hotel Republica in Buenos aires, Argentina, promoter WKF head office and WKF ARGENTINA Carlos SUAREZ
arg 05.11. - 10.11.2018World Championships Buenos Aires, promoter WKF ARGENTINA and Carlos SUAREZ
rom 21.10. - 26.10.2019European Championships Baia Mare, Romania, promoter WKF ROMANIA, Florin MINA
can 01.01.2020World Championships, Toronto, all disciplines, promoter WKF CANADA , Wolfgang BRUTTER
ned 01.01.2021European Championships, Spijkenisse / Rotterdam, promoter WKF Netherlands, Sijou VAN DER SPEK
chn 16.10. - 22.10.2022World Championships in Haikou, Hainan Island, South China, promoter WKF CHINA zone, Dinan YAN