Jan 30 2018

WKF USA president Mr. Ric SNIFFEN has many success

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WKF USA president Mr. Ric SNIFFEN

WKF USA president Mr. Ric SNIFFEN organised the WKF USA annual meeting with promoters, managers and fighters to fix the schedule for 2018.

In Oklahoma it was agreed that WKF USA sanction 3 Pro – Am Events starting with a 3 WKF Pro Title 8 Amateur Event.

WKF head office in Vienna, Austria, confirmed already the US title fight .

Ric SNIFFEN comes with a US team to WKF Worldchampionship !

First time in history WKF world wide family meets in Latin America.

Buenos Aires is the host City, famous for Tango and World best steaks !

Further more next US MMA title in 2018 is still in negotiation, soon we know more about.

To find out how to get on the card e-mail Arjarn Ric Sniffen President of the WKF in the USA.

Latest news:

First time in history two US Champions get a fight in Vienna, Austria on April 28th.

Promoter is KNOCK-OUT SPORT PROMOTION and many international fights are already on the fight card.

The team of US Champion Jarrod HORATH is in negotiation for a WKF pro World title and Trent „the head hunter“ HARJO is the second US champion in Austria.