Jun 26 2016

Spanish Yaroslav BLOKHIN get PRO-AM World title FC belt

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BLOKHIN Yaroslav_ESP_a

BLOKHIN Yaroslav, Spain, PRO-AM World Champion

WKF SPAIN president Juan PINILLA report about last event.

Austrian Amir SAHIL from Octagon pro Gym challenged Spain hero and amateur World Champion from Prague 2014 Yaroslav BLOKHIN Team Domingo RUSO for the PRO-AM World title.

Bit Champions fought in the final in Prague and so this was a re-match of two best full contact fighters in the weight Lightmiddleweight – 71Kg / 156 lbs.

After 5 tough rounds of a technical high standard full contact bout the decission was very close.

Winner by points Yaroslav BLOKHIN.

KURTAJ Deshire_AUT_a

Deshire KURTAJ, Int. Mediteranian Champion

Among many other fights, Spanish star fighter Jose Luis SANCHEZ form Team Nepo beat very clear by points Mohamed EL MOHADI from Morocco. After 5 rounds of K-1 action „Nepo“ Sanchez won by points.

And the ladies fight for the „Int. Mediterianin title“ was well done too. Austrian new talent Kurtaj DESHIRE from Octagon pro Gym beat after a good low kick fight Spanish Carmen MARI.